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High Quality Relining Sydney From Our Experts

When installing new pipes for your drains, you’d like to have a system that works efficiently. But with time, if the pipes are not too strong, roots can infiltrate into the pipes, causing a blockage that can make life unbearable.

Once you notice that your kitchen or bathroom drains water slowly, it could be too late. However, it doesn’t mean that the problem is not correctable.

Therefore, relining in Sydney is an ideal option that leaves your pipe stronger and protects your drains from blockages and cracks.

If you are searching for a team of plumbers to help you with this, Streamline Pipes is the team for you. We have been in the industry for more than 55 years, making us a reliable team of plumbers for relining Sydney, even if you require stormwater relining. If you like to know more about our pipe relining technology, feel free to reach out to us.

Relining Sydney

Our Patented Relining Technology Is The Best In Sydney

For many years, residential, commercial, and industrial clients trust our award-winning pipe relining Sydney because:

It’s strong and durable

If you have cracked pipes or notice roots within the pipe, you can solve this problem using this relining system. We manufacturer our reliners using continuous lengths, which eliminate joints and cracks. Additionally, our plumbers provide a 30-year warranty.

Your drain is ready to use once complete

If you rely on traditional plumbing methods, it may mean that you’ll have to stop using the drainage for a few hours or days. We just have to inspect the pipes using CCTV cameras and clear the debris using an electric eel and high-pressure water jets for our relining technique. Then, we’ll install the relining Sydney, which doesn’t take long.

You work with professionals

We have experienced plumbers who will guide you through relining process and provide an accurate quote for you.

Streamline Relining – A durable and cost-effective solution for all types of drains in Sydney

Do I have to replace the old pipes?

If you consider using relining Sydney, buying new pipes is not necessary. The pipe relining uses a special adhesive that helps to bond the old pipe and the line altogether. Thus, you end up saving up on costs and time. Typically, people prefer pipe relining because it can save up to 75% of the costs that you’d have used if you decided to buy new pipes.

How long does relining take?

Our assurance is that pipe relining doesn’t take much time compared to traditional plumbing methods. We will insert our pipe camera to see where the problem lies, then start relining Sydney immediately. The time spent is reduced as we won’t need to dig or excavate any of your pipes.

Contact us today for expert relining in Sydney. Our team is ready to come to your aid as soon as possible.