Tree Root Damage

Tree Root Damage

Tree roots can cause a lot of problems for underground drainage systems as they can damage pipes and also cause considerable blockages. This can result in sewage waste back-ups. More important, you could end up with raw sanitary sewage flooding your basement or crawl space. Once sewage back-ups have occurred, they can be extraordinarily costly to repair. It is essential that you carry out regular maintenance checks on your drainage system, to ensure there are no problems.

Repairing Tree Root Damage

One of the first signs of a sewage back up is a foul odour emanating from your toilet, house drain and interior sinkholes. This indicates that waste is not flowing properly, out into the main sewer. This could mean a blockage is present. It is necessary to call a professional drain cleaning service as soon as possible. If you leave the situation untreated, then a serious back-up could occur. The result would then be a costly repair.

Pipe relining services are the most affordable way to repair pipes that have suffered from tree root damage. This technique does not require any expensive excavation. New pipes are fitted inside the existing ones. The result is the creation of a new, watertight chamber for sewage flow. Professional pipe relining services carry out inspections of the drainage system to identify blockages using equipment such as pipe cameras. Tree root barriers can form inside pipes causing sewage to back-up. These barriers can be removed using specialist cutting tools before the pipe is relined. Drainage surveys can also identify other problems such as pipe corrosion and collapse.

How to Avoid Tree Root Damage

Trees are attracted to drainage pipes as they contain water, so the only way you can prevent roots from seeking out and damaging your pipes is to make sure you remove any large trees or bushes from around your drainage system. You can plant smaller shrubs close to underground plumbing. They have less invasive tree root systems, making them safer. However, if the shrubs become too big, make sure you move them.

If your drainage system has been damaged by invasive tree roots, then pipe relining services can offer an affordable solution to the problem that could save you hundreds of dollars compared to expensive excavation techniques.


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