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Pipes Plumbing

StreamLine has been unblocking debris and removing tree roots from drains of houses, units and business’ in NSW for over 50 years.

How we repair your drains & pipes

The property owner is given the best permanent solution for repairing their pipes and drains. These possible pipe plumbing solutions are recommended by Sydney Water:

  • Digging and replacing
  • Patch Relining
  • StreamLine Relining

StreamLine will quote the most economical, less disruptive, and proven permanent solution with pipelining usually being the most chosen for these reasons.

As well as being the pioneers of pipelining in Sydney, we were also the first to introduce electric eels and water jets to Australia.

Specialising in sewer and stormwater lining, StreamLine’s Licenced Plumbers have the breadth of experience, technology and professionalism that put StreamLine ahead of their competition.

Plumbers are only required to offer a 2-year warranty on their services. We believe in our pipe lining product and do not hesitate in offering 60 years Warranty with a proven history of over 31 years of experience in Pipe Relining.


Our service process to determine the best repair solution

Upon receiving a call from the Customer with a drain or pipe problem, we will dispatch a crew to their house or place of business with all equipment required to unblock and analyse these pipes. We will charge an hourly rate with all costs of labour and the latest equipment included so there are no surprises.

NB* we do not charge extra for the use of equipment. Charges are transparent.

Process of unblocking and quoting for permanent repair solution:


Once we have arrived on the site, we’ll unblock and clear the blockage/s using the following equipment:

  • High-Pressure WaterJet – in 70% of cases this is the quickest way to unblock and clear the pipe, especially Stormwater
  • Electric Eel – used on drains that cannot be cleared with the High-Pressure Waterjet due to large Tree Roots or the blockage located within the house (not used that much these days)

Using a CCTV and locating the problem:

  • Closed Circuit TV Camera (CCTV) – once the pipe is cleared of debris a camera is pushed through the pipe. This process enables our Technician to mark by approx meters the problem areas, ie. cracks; misaligned joints; tree roots etc. It also confirms to the Technician and the Owner that the blockage has been completely removed.
  • Electronic Pipe Locator – this is used to pinpoint where the camera/blockage is in the pipe and at what depth
  • USB – this is free and provides you footage of the pipe so nothing is hidden

* always make sure to use a Plumber that can provide you with this



  • This is free and given upon completion of Step 2 – the customer will have a Scope of Works and the Customer is now in control and can seek the advice of another Plumber if they wish

* We can also offer the services of analysing the Tree Roots to determine their ownership and thus responsible party for the damage


To arm the householder with the ability to fix their problem with the best, cheapest pipe repair solution.

You Can Trust Us – Plumbers do!!


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