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Pipe Repair

Properly removing wastewater through sewer pipes is an essential element of keeping a clean, hygienic property. Most people take their plumbing systems for granted until something bad happens to them.

Pipe repair options for fixing clogs, leaks and damaged plumbing systems have increased dramatically due to better methods, products, and technology.

Wastewater pipes have an average life span of about 80 to 100 years. Warning signs of a damaged sewer or wastewater pipe can include problems with flushing the toilet – water only fills or drains slowly. Perhaps, the toilet doesn’t even remove the waste; this demonstrates a major clog. Foul smells can fill the home or business ruining the environment.

Why might you need a pipe repair?

Sewer blockages can eventually appear as wet patches on your lawn. The wastewater seepage can discolour or damage landscaping, sidewalks or even your home’s foundation. Damaged sewer pipes can cause a vast amount of damage.

Wastewater pipes might be clogged from years of accumulated food residue or foreign objects. When the ground shifts naturally or due to construction, this can lead to bent or cracked pipes. If you have done any digging, then your pipes might have been damaged accidentally.

Tree roots are one of the most common sources of damage to pipes. While there are many benefits to trees – shade, protection and beauty – they can cause a lot of damage under the surface. You don’t want to remove the tree or damage the roots with digging. Unfortunately, since there are so many powerful tree roots under the ground – that even if you fix the pipe once – the problem may recur. Homeowners need to find a solid permanent solution that can combine natural trees with man-made sewer pipes.

If left unfixed, wastewater pressure will increase at the point of the clog or crack. Eventually, the damaged pipe might burst.

Previously, wastewater pipe repair was a major undertaking requiring extensive, expensive digging. Heavy equipment was required that could damage the house, sidewalk and landscaping. Thus, old pipe repair including the cost of completely replacing the area above and around the pipe.

The wise customer trusts in a non-invasive, affordable, permanent plumbing system repair, like relining. Relining plumbing pipes provides the solution to multiple problems. Using a High-Pressure WATER JET, relining can clean out any tree root debris, waste residue or contaminants. A relined interior casing with epoxy on the exterior is pulled into the pipe and inflated to fill the chamber with another layer. A “pipe-within-a-pipe” is left, the harder epoxy repels future tree root invasions.

Don’t pay for replacing your sidewalk and landscaping – just to repair a pipe. There is no OR VERY MINIMAL digging required for relining. Relining is the most cost-effective, permanent solution around. This multidimensional repair solution saves customers a lot of money in the long run, avoiding headaches, duplication, and overlap. IT IS ALSO GUARANTEED TO LAST AS LONG AS A NEW PVC PIPE.


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