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Dear Sydney Water,

Firstly, on behalf of the Strata Committee of for, Lilyfield, I would like to thank you for your decisive action in relation to the sewer works that have now been completed. This matter has been ongoing for approximately 2 years. During that whole time, all the sewer has been going through a large hole in the footpath with no piping between our property and the defective Lined pipe in the street. This has constantly been blocking due to many factors primarily the Telstra pipe blocking the sewer. We have dealt with many Plumbing Companies, Strata Representatives, Telstra Representatives, Council Representatives, Sydney Water Staff, the list is endless. Two years later we were still no closer to having a working sewage system. We then contacted your Contractor, Kevin from Streamline after he was recommended by a Strata Agent. He was, fortunately, able to put our situation to you and finally, Corrective Action was undertaken and for this, we are extremely grateful to him and Sydney Water. The stress has really taken a toll on all concerned. Recently, it was brought to our attention by Kevin once works had commenced, that there was possible evidence of Asbestos in the excavation. You can only imagine our concern in regards to this safety hazard. We would be very grateful if you could look at the Asbestos Invoices with a view of contributing to this unexpected added expense.

Finally, I would like to praise Kevin and his company. The Technicians were clean, professional, courteous and the communication was conveyed clearly and concisely. Again, I thank you, your Management and Staff for your decisive action during a very difficult period and to feel the comfort that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Yours faithfully

Tricia – Committee for Strata

McDonalds“Their professional service and product performance has incorporated an effective solution to rectify the deterioration of underground cast iron pipe work, within a number of our existing restaurants. I would have no reservation in recommending the services offered by Streamline to any prospective client”

Andrew Adam – Director of Design & Construction, McDonalds Restaurants

“Streamline, their management and their staff have always been extremely flexible when scheduling their work around our hours of manufacturing that production has never been impacted, which is no mean feat on our sites. I have no trouble freely recommending Streamline, their Management and, their staff”

Mr C. van Kool – Commercial Manager of Manufacturing & Logistics, Dairy Farmers

“I am just writing to you on order to express my gratitude for all your help.

My normal Plumbing Contractor at the time had been adamant that I needed to spend in excess of $25K in order to fix some urgent Sewer problems. As this was a very large amount I took it upon myself to do some research.

Thank you for explaining to me where I stood and the best way to resolve my plumbing problem. Streamline made contact very quickly and subsequently my problem was resolved without the need of spending anywhere as near as the quoted price from my Plumber.

I am so extremely grateful to you and your staff. I really appreciate the time and dedication you spent on this issue as we didn’t know who to trust.”

Flo M – Allambie Heights

“We had a complicated job with a common sewer line impacting an Aged Care Facility and large Covent building. Alex, Kevin and the team at StreamLine Drains & Pipelines NSW Pty Ltd successfully relined over 30m of sewer pipe without any hiccups.

They delivered quality work, sensitively and efficiently with minimal inconvenience. They understand your urgency and guarantee their work.

I recommend you contact these guys to get your job done right.”

Greg P – Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

“After seeing Streamline on Channel 9 Small Business Show, I contacted them to rectify the problem of sewer blockages as a result of tree root infiltration at my house and was very happy with the work completed. I also felt most fortunate to have found “Streamline”, as a short time later my business received a notice from our Council complaining that the dye we use had found its way into the lagoon. I had Streamline rectify the problem and thus avoided a fine and extensive excavation work thanks to their quick response and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any household or business”

Martin Raphael – Mentor Sox

“As a personal appreciation about the work performed, I am more than happy to praise your efficiency and professionalism. The service was performed without any compromise of quality at a very competitive rate. A dream… best price for the best.”

Andre Drabbe – Property Owner

“My wife and I live in a small terrace in Woollahra and we have had for the past 7 years use the yearly services of a plumber to keep the roots of some trees occasionally blocking our sewerage which has some cracked terracota pipes. The “vapoorooter” treatment was efficient but, year after year, it became very expensive. (and the problem was never going to go away). {Money down the drain so to speak!}. We had to find a long lasting solution. After contacting 3 different plumbers who gave me different assurances, but above all, very different quotes, I got in touch with “Streamline pipes.com.au” and they were the ones to provide me with the best and cheapest solution.

I was given a DVD of the completed work and a warranty of 20 years for the material used and work done. That was ‘peace of mind’ after so many years of worries. Twenty years of no expenses, compare to the yearly vaporooter treatment, makes me save 3 times what I would have had to spend without getting rid of the root problem. That makes sense!

Having experienced the efficiency, the good work of Streamline, plus getting a long warranty, I can only recommend their admirable ethic of work, services and the very competitive prices.”

Djo Hillaire – Property Owner – Woolahra

“I have been using the Streamline Lining System since 1994, and I am completely happy with the product””

Alan Hickson – Facilities & Assets Manager, TAFE Colleges

“I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job that has been done.

The tradesmen that came out were very professional and efficient. I was very impressed with their work ethic and dedication. They did a fantastic job and I would have no hesitation in recommending them in the future. I am very excited that they have been able to do such a great job at a reasonable price with very little disruption to ourselves (we didn’t even have to clean up after them!). ????

To be able to finally have this job completed (after only 3 years!) has been my greatest achievement since becoming the Chairperson of Parklands.

Thanks again for all your help.”

Rosita – Property Owner – Kareela, NSW

“Streamline is a fantastic organisation. They have serviced me from sewerage problems to guttering dramas. I have an aging house with the troubles that occur with the years. But no matter what the trouble is, or what time it occurs, Streamline are always there to get me out of trouble. I could not possibly say just how much they have meant to me. If you want the best, then call Streamline. Every time they come up with a fantastic result that really pleases me. Their expertise and enthusiasm leaves me with no hesitation to call whenever I have a problem. Keep this internationally recognised company in your phone list”.

Beverley. G OAM


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